Resume Database Statistics

ZillionResumes adds thousands of new candidate resumes to our database each week. We aggressively scrub our database to eliminate duplicates. As shown below, we collect resumes from around the world in a broad spectrum of occupations, giving you a wide and deep candidate pool.

Research shows that less than 29% of candidates visit paid job boards. ZillionResumes gives you access to many of the 71% of candidates not on a job board or in another resume database.

ZillionResumes collects passive and active candidate resumes from over 115,000 sources, including our partner network, web pages, news groups, professional organizations, recruiters and companies. You get access to all these sources for only dollars a day. That's why we are your most cost-effective recruiting resource.

Resume Database Occupations Percentage (approx.)
Aerospace Resumes 6%
BioTech Resumes 5%
Clerical Resumes 10%
Construction Resumes 7%
Consulting Resumes 20%
Engineering Resumes 24%
Financial Resumes 14%
Government Resumes 7%
Health Care Resumes 10%
Insurance Resumes 8%
IT Resumes 48%
Legal Resumes 6%
Manufacturing Resumes 14%
Retail Resumes 4%
Sales and Marketing Resumes 36%
Training Resumes 4%

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Disclaimer: ZillionResumes is a resume database service used by recruiters and hiring companies to find employees. We do not allow email harvesting for the purpose of sending unsolicited email. ZillionResumes does not warrant the validity of any information found in candidate resumes. ZillionResumes' resume database is a collection of active and passive candidate resumes aggregated from many sources. ZillionResumes will remove candidate resumes from our database at the request of the candidate.