ZillionResumes Candidate Resume Database Unique Features

If you're looking to find resumes to source top talent for your company or clients, ZillionResumes is one of the most extensive and affordable online resume databases available. The ZillionResumes candidate resume database offers employers, recruiters, talent sourcing specialists and other HR professionals a number of powerful features:

Over 19,766,884 unique candidate resumes

The ZillionResumes online resume database is comprised of candidates from dozens of major industries, representing thousands of skills and capabilities, including:

  • IT/MIS resumes
  • Sales and marketing professionals resumes
  • Engineering resumes
  • Business consultant resumes
  • Financial professionals resumes
  • Manufacturing resumes
  • Clerical resumes
  • Health-care professionals resumes
  • Insurance professionals resumes
  • Construction professionals and skilled worker resumes
  • Government professionals resumes
  • Aerospace professionals resumes
  • Legal professional resumes
  • Biotech professionals resumes
  • Retail professionals resumes
  • Corporate training and education resumes

Thousands of freshly discovered resumes added daily

Our web technology is constantly combing the internet to find resumes and expand our resume database.

Resume previewing

Get a full view of a candidate’s resumes BEFORE opening or downloading the resumes so you can make sure it meets your qualifications and doesn’t count against your monthly package.

Resume downloads

Easily download resumes to distribute to hiring managers, recruiters and other team members.

Download search results

Download historic resumes searches to a csv file for tracking and updating search results and building a talent pipeline.

New Resume Alerts

Set-up candidate resumes alerts and we’ll automatically notify you when a new resume is added to the ZillionResumes database that matches your criteria.

Complete search history

Easily locate favorite candidates and only use account downloads when it counts.

No geographic restrictions

Find candidate resumes from any location in the United States and additional countries.

Tracking previously viewed resumes

Never lose track of who you’ve already viewed.

Free search assistance, upon request

Not finding what you’re looking for? Our customer service search assistance is only a phone call away.

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Disclaimer: ZillionResumes is a resume database service used by recruiters and hiring companies to find employees. We do not allow email harvesting for the purpose of sending unsolicited email. ZillionResumes does not warrant the validity of any information found in candidate resumes. ZillionResumes' resume database is a collection of active and passive candidate resumes aggregated from many sources. ZillionResumes will remove candidate resumes from our database at the request of the candidate.