Resume Database Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Asked A Zillion Times

What's different about ZillionResumes' candidates?

ZillionResumes is the world's best source for many of the 70+% of candidates that don't go to paid job boards. These high-quality passive and active candidates have put their resume "in play" and are ready for a better opportunity. All you have to do is contact them and make things happen.

Where does ZillionResumes get its resumes?

ZillionResumes gets resumes from direct candidate postings, personal home pages, our partner network, individual recruiters, professional societies, other resume databases, corporations, web pages and newsgroups - over 115,000 sources.

Does ZillionResumes share resumes with paid job boards like Monster or Careerbuilder?

No. Our candidates are better than the ones found on paid job boards. Research shows that less than 30% of potential candidates use paid job boards. Our candidate-resumes give you access to many of the other 70+%. ZillionResumes gives you access to people Monster, Careerbuilder, Dice and other job boards can't.

Why are Passive Candidates better?

Unlike the "active" candidates on paid job boards, "passive" candidates aren't changing their resume to target your specific employment opportunity. The candidate-resumes at ZillionResumes are more likely to show a person's actual strengths and weaknesses. More realistic resumes mean better candidates and better hiring choices.

Candidate contact information

To the best of our knowledge, all resumes include some form of contact information, either email or phone number and most of the time both. Approximately 95% of the resumes include an email address and 77% contain a phone number. The name, email, phone number and location we associate with imported resumes are automatically extracted from the resume and may occasionally be incorrect. Viewing the resume will generally allow you to correct any mistakes encountered in our extracted data. These numbers are estimates and your mileage may vary depending on the particular searches you are conducting.

Why is ZillionResumes so inexpensive compared to other job boards?

Our highly automated operations, partner network and proprietary technology minimizes our costs. We pass these savings on to you. We also do not buy Super Bowl advertisements and pass those costs on to our customers.

How many searches or resume views can I do a day?

All subscriptions allow an unlimited number of resume searches. Plus, you may scan an unlimited number of resume summaries by placing your cursor over a resume in the search results. The resume summary will pop up on the right side of your screen. In this view, contact details have been blocked but it is not counted as a resume view. If you wish to see the candidate contact information, and the entire resume, click on the link for that resume in the search results. This counts as a resume view.

In short, resume views are only counted when you access the contact information by clicking on any specific resume in the search results or if you download resumes or a csv (spreadsheet) file. Downloaded resumes and the csv file contain the complete resume including all contact information.

All subscriptions are limited to 500 resume contact views per day. Your monthly limit is determined by the subscription option you choose. Monthly resume views are reset at the beginning of the month. If you need more resume contact views per month than our regular plans provide, please contact us for a custom plan.

With our keyword searchable resume database, any subscription option should provide more than enough resume views to find the candidates you need. By the way, we don't allow the use of software robots or automated software to "mine" our database. Please see the ZillionResumes Terms of Use for more details.

How else does Easy Search make my life easier?

Our Easy Search interface enables you to quickly find the candidate you need. Drop-down menus let you search quickly by geographic area and occupation. Our keyword searchable resume database lets you search as narrowly or widely as you want. Easy Search helps you find your exact candidate by showing the first 1000 results for any search. (50 view pages of 20 resumes each). If you get more than 1,000 results, you may want to narrow your search down using more keywords to find even more relevant results.

Can I search for candidates anywhere in North America with ZillionResumes?

Yes. Our Easy Search capability means you can search anywhere in North America, by state or province. Our keyword search capability also allows you to search by city, zip code or area code.

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