About the ZillionResumes Database

Recruit High Quality Candidates With the ZillionResumes Resume Database

For employers and recruiters looking for a high-quality online resume database the ZillionResumes candidate resume database features both passive and active candidates you won’t find on other major job boards and services. Job boards only feature active candidates, who represent less than 25% of potential candidates for any position…and for critical positions, active candidates represent only 5% of potential candidates. Because of how ZillionResumes technology acquires our resumes, over 70% of our database is passive candidates. And passive candidates are highly sought after by employers because they aren’t looking for a new job and tend to be high performers. ZillionResumes is a powerful solution to reach high-performing passive candidates.

How ZillionResumes Acquires Resumes

The ZillionResumes online resume database is updated every day. We add thousands of new candidate resumes from over 120,000 online sources such as:

  • Resumes from our network of resume partners
  • Resumes from recruiters
  • Resumes from candidates who post their resume with our company-owned job sites
  • Resumes from our network of job boards
  • Resumes from professional association websites
  • Resumes from resume databases
  • Resumes from corporate websites
  • Resumes from personal web pages
  • Resumes from college career sites
  • Resumes from blogs
  • Resumes on news groups

Easy Search Capability

The ZillionResumes database features easy-to-use search features allow you find the candidates with the exact skills and experience your open positions require.

Diverse Candidate Industry Experience and Skills

We feature candidates from dozens of industries representing thousands of skills and job title experience in North America, Europe and Asia.

ZillionResumes General Information

We do not share resumes with paid subscription job boards. Over 70% of the ZilllionResume database represents passive candidates who are not actively being approached by recruiters.

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Disclaimer: ZillionResumes is a resume database service used by recruiters and hiring companies to find employees. We do not allow email harvesting for the purpose of sending unsolicited email. ZillionResumes does not warrant the validity of any information found in candidate resumes. ZillionResumes' resume database is a collection of active and passive candidate resumes aggregated from many sources. ZillionResumes will remove candidate resumes from our database at the request of the candidate.